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Florida Professional Golf Tour

AKA / The FPGTour
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FPGT Member / Alumni News
FPGTour office: 407-619-4778
Please Note: This is now the off-season and I'm not in the office on a regular basis. If you need to contact me please do so via email at:
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Congratulations are in order for FPGTour member (and 2014 POY) Nick Lindheim on his great performance at this years U.S. Open Championship. Way to go Nick


I personally would like to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone who supported the Florida Professional Golf Tour this past season.....I wish all of you continued success and hope you have a great summer season.


The FPGTour will return in the fall for the 2014-2015 Winter Tournament program we look forward to seeing you then.   Rick 



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Player Notice: IMPORTANT

The following players need to contact the FPGTour Office: I have (checks, W-9's, etc.) for you and I am in need of corrected mailing addresses and / or Tax information.




Ryan Saul.....(Incorrect Mailing address) W-9 ( Mail was returned )


J.D. Guiney...(Incorrect Mailing address) W-9 ( Mail was returned)


Stuart Gold...(Incorrect Mailing address) W-9 ( Mail was returned)

pecial Notice to ALL future contestants: 2013-2014 Entry Procedures

Effective Immediately.....The Florida Professional Golf Tour has adopted a new entry procedure for all contestants...These new procedures will take effect immediately and are as follows.....
All Non-Member entries MUST be secured with a Credit Card (Unless pre-paid by Cash or check)...No exceptions.  On-Site checks from
Non-Members will not be accepted at registration.
FPGTour Members in good standing, may continue to enter any event on the schedule (With exception to the 2014 Ocala Open) by verbally committing to the FPGTour office.
The FPGTour apologizes for any inconvienence this new entry procedure may cause, but I believe too many players feel it's OK to just pull out, or withdraw after the deadline with no consequence. In order to protect both the field and the Host Facility I must make these necessary changes to insure the size of the field I promise the Host Course remains consistent.
The FPGTour's withdrawal policy will remain the same and is as follows:
Any player may withdraw without penalty so long as He or She does so by the ENTRY DEADLINE, and that means 5:00pm est. as stated on the schedule page of the FPGTour's web site.
Any player (Member or NON-Member) who withdraws from any event after the 5:00pm Entry Deadline will incur a late withdrawal penalty of $25.00 . Non- Members will have their Credit Cards charged the appropriate amount, Members will be assesed the late withdrawal penalty at their next event.
Any player (Member or NON-Member) who withdraws after the Round One pairings have been released will be charged the FULL ENTRY AMOUNT. Non-Members will have their Credit Cards charged the appropriate amount, FPGTour Members will be subject to the same amount, due and payable before they can enter any future events.
In addition, any FPGTour member who fails to follow these entry procedures will forfeit his or her membership privileges, and will be required to pre-pay all entries in all future events.
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 Rules change on Grooves...
Updated August 6th, 2013
After careful consideration, the FPGTour has decided to adopt the new grooves change as a "Condition of competition" for the upcoming 2013-2014 tournament season. Though we are a developmental tour for aspiring professional golfers we believe that by now all players should have acquired conforming clubs.
The FPGTour would like to caution all players who plan on competing in, or Qualifying for a USGA Championship (ie. US Open, US Senior Open) or any PGA Tour, Champions Tour, Tour, LATINOAMERICA Tour, or  PGA Tour Canada event after January 1, 2010.
PLEASE check the Conditions of the Competition for these events before attempting to compete, as it is our understanding that your clubs " MUST" conform.

 Side Note: If you contact the Tour Office and we're unable to take your call, please leave us a message and we will return your calls as soon as possible. Due to the amount of telemarketing phone calls received at the office, we can not return missed calls if we don't recognize the number, or you do not leave us a message with a call back number. We do not answer calls received from "Blocked or Unknown" numbers, please be sure to add us to your Un-Blocked phone list.
Check back often for more news and updates.......