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Florida Professional Golf Tour

AKA / The FPGTour
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Event & Membership registration  is now available.


Thanks for your patience, we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks at Alaqua.


Also: The phone app has now been updated with the current 2017-2018 schedule and is now available for your convenience.






2017-2018 Florida Professional Golf Tour

Membership Information

(Please read carefully and in it's entirety) 



FPGTour Seasonal Membership Fee Information:



** $140.00......2017-2018 Tournament Season




** $100.00......2017-2018 Tournament Season



Exempt from membership criteria has changed for the 2017-2018 season and is as follows:


PGA of America "Class A" members only....


PGA Tour Members (Fully Exempt players only..... 25 from the 2017 money list)......


Mackenzie Tour Canada...(Top 5 money from 2017)


LatinoAmerica Tour (Top 5 money winners from 2017)


The TOP 10 Money Winners from the 2016-2017 FPGTour Money List:  (1) Ryan Gildersleeve,

(2) Kevin Aylwin, (3) Patrick Sheehan, (4) Jeff Corr,

(5) Wade Binfield, (6) Willie Mack III, (7) Jhared Hack,

(8) Charlie Delsman, (9) J.C. Horne, (10) Don Leafstrand





As an option you can now enter on-line

It's Fast and easy

To enter  any event on the schedule, please go to the schedule page and click the BlueGolf link at the top of the page.

This will take you to the on-line tournament registration page which will allow you to enter an event via credit card. Please remember that you do not need to be a member to enter, the screen that appears will ask for your Member I.D., which if you have already joined you can use to log in to your new BlueGolf account, if your entering as a Non-Member, just click on "New Member", fill out the required information and you will be taken to the Entry information portion where you can choose the appropriate entry amounts.

Note: Your not going to be charged for a membership unless you choose to join, but you must fill out the required Player information before it will take you to the entry page and final checkout.

And please remember: You can still call the FPGTour office at 407-619-4778 to join the tour or enter any event on the schedule.















2017-2018 Tournament Entry Amounts:  "Overview"



Professional Entry Amounts:

**36-Hole Regular Tournament Series Member Entry Fees: $350 per event**..(Unless otherwise specified)

**36-Hole Regular Tournament Series Non-Member Entry Fee: $400 per event**(Unless otherwise specified)

**Entry amount reflects a paid entry received by the entry deadline...Entries MAY be accepted (on a space available basis) at the discretion of FPGTour, LLC. after the entry deadline, but must include a late entry fee of $50.00

Amateur Entry amounts:

* 36-Hole Regular Tournament Series Amateur Member

Entry Fee: $300.00    (Unless otherwise specified)

* 36-Hole Regular Tournament Series Am (Non-Member)

Entry Fee: $350.00    (Unless otherwise specified)


New for 2017-2018: Premier Events...


Premier Series Entry Amounts:

 54-Hole premier with a 36-hole cut

FPGT Member..............$500


Am / Member................$425

Am / Non Member........$475


36-Hole premier events (No Cut)

FPGT Member..............$425


Am / Member................$350

Am / Non-Member........$425



The 2017-2018 FPGTour Winter schedule will consist of a minimum of 16 events and a maximum of 21, some of which will be contested on weekdays and weekends.
There are (5) Five 36-Hole Weekend Special Events for this season and are as follows:
The 5th Annual Green Valley Classic in Clermont, FL 
The 57th Annual Riviera Open in Ormond Beach, FL
The Indian River Open, in New Smyrna Beach, FL
The Wildwood Open & Pro-Am, in Wildwood ,FL
The 8th Annual Daytona Beach Open in Daytona Beach

These (5) 36-Hole Weekend Special Events will carry an entry fee of $350.00 and are open to anyone.

NO MEMBERSHIP is needed to participate in these

 36-Hole Special Events. All entries for these special events are first come, first served and the same amount for ALL CONTESTANTS.  The Maximum field size for all events prior to January 31st is 132 entries. The maximum field size for the 2018  Ocala Open in March will  be 144 players.


There is (1) one Team Event for the 2017-2018....This event is open to anyone...NO MEMBERSHIP is needed to compete in this 2 person team championship.....Please refer to the schedule page for TEAM Entry Amounts. All entries for this team event will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The event will be played at Stoneybrook East in Orlando.


In addition we have several 36-Hole Regular series events that are also contested on the weekends.......

The remaining 36-Hole Regular series events will be contested either Monday-Tuesday, Tuesday-Wednesday, or Thursday-Friday. (Please refer to the schedule page for exact dates and Entry Fee amounts).


AND of course PLEASE don't forget...

The 2018 Ocala Open Championship at Candler Hills Golf Club in Ocala, FL

March 20th is Charity Pro-Am Day....March 21-23, (54-Hole stroke play championship). $12,000 guaranteed first place


The reigning Ocala Open Champion is :

Wade Binfield of Fayetteville, GA







We accept the following Credit Cards:

( A non-refundable 3.5% convenience fee will be added to ALL credit card transactions).





2017-2018  Event Entry  Procedures:

This information has been updated for the 2017-2018 Season


IMPORTANT.....Please read below

Please Note: ALL events on the FPGTour (**Except The Ocala Open) require that all competitors ride in carts. Though caddies are welcome at all of our events, the PLAYER and his / her clubs MUST be on the cart.

** The Ocala Open at Candler Hills requires all competitors to WALK during the stipulated round. Caddies may use a golf cart during the Championship at their discretion.


Cart Policy: We have at each venue a (2) two cart per group rule.

Though we encourage spectators, the carts are for the contestants only and not for parents, Wives and girlfriends.



How To Enter an FPGTour Event:

1. Any player may call the FPGTour office to enter an event. A credit card is needed for all Non-Member entries to be accepted.




2.        Available for 2017-2018:

Players may enter on-line via the BlueGolf link located at the top of the schedule page. There is a 3.0% service fee associated with this process and will be added to your total at check-out.




3.  Any player may download and print an entry form (Generic Entry Forms are located on the left side of this page) and mail them with the appropriate entry amount to the FPGTour office. The entry (if mailed) must be received at the FPGTour office at least 10 days prior to the entry deadline. Non-Members may send Credit Card info, Money Orders, or cashier checks. Personal checks will not be accepted from Non-Members unless received at our office at least 30 days prior to the events entry deadline.

As always, Players who have registered by phone and supplied a credit card to guarantee their spot in an event, may pay for the event at registration with Cash.

In addition to the above, here are a few more entry regulations that apply to everyone.


This pertains ONLY to the first round of each Tournament......Players should allow an additional 10 minutes to your pre-game warm-up routine to complete the following requirements.

ALL players MUST check in at the registration area upon their arrival at each Tournament site regardless of whether they have pre-paid their entry fee or not. THIS IS MANDATORY AT EVERY EVENT except the Ocala Open. The FPGTour Staff needs to know that you have arrived on the premises.

The FPGTour gives each contestant the option to enter one of the many  "side games" offered at each tournament.These include the popular "Skins Game" available for each round, and the "out of the money" or (OTM) Second Day Event offered for round two. The Second Day Event may be entered on the first tee prior to your round two tee-time.


               VERY IMPORTANT: All Contestants


If this happens to be your first event with the FPGTour this season, you MUST fill out a W-9 form (or the W8-BEN form for foreign players) for tax purposes. No player will receive a check without first filling out the forms that apply to the individual competing. If you do not have a U.S. Social Security Number, or a Tax I.D. number, you can still play and win, but I am required by Law to deduct 30% from your winnings and submitt that amount to the U.S. Treasury. There are NO exceptions to this rule.


For your convenience, we have a link to both forms located below. You can edit and fill out these forms from your computer, save the information and email it to our office thus eliminating the need to do it at the registration table.



W-9 click here   (U.S. SSN  &  TIN ) Holders



W-8BEN click here   (Foreign Players)